The following parameters for our products, please notice,
all the parameters are based on hot water out put. Different out put form requires different heat exchanger and different out put temperature will result in different bottom line temperature of the heat storage blocks, which will leads to different amount of heat storage blocks and different price.

In order to have a brief knowledge about our product, I will fix the output as hot water which can be use for central heating, swimming pool, bath and show etc., as the out put form is fixed and water temperature is usually lower than 100 degree C, so the price is relatively fixed.

Since I am not sure where the project will be, all the price will NOT include transportation, assembling or tax.


The price of our product is mainly effected by heat capacity rather than input power. Which means a unit that stores 400 MWH in 8 hours at 50 MW input is almost the same price to a unit that stores 400 MWH in 10 hours at 40 MW input. The heat capacity, input and output are three rather independent parameters that can be design according to client’s demand.

The following parameters are all based on 8 hours
of off-peak time.