6 KV 160 degree hot oil

6 KV 160 degree hot oil project of STATE GRID

This was the second project for STATEGRID, the first project of theirs is quite similar to the project
of China Power Investment Corporation I just mentioned above (so as some other projects for central heating).

This was a industrial project in one of their holding manufactory of transformers where they need hot oil to dry insulating varnish and some other stuff. The factory is in a industry park where no nature gas pipe line is nearby so the only option is to use electricity to heat the oil.

Instead of using expensive peak power, their heating is now run on cheap off-peak power which is only 1/3 the price of peak power. (In fact in China electricity is sold by only STATE GRID and China Southern Power Grid so the price is actually fixed by them self, of course, still guided by our government).

They bought two set of 8 MW systems and cost around 21.6 million Chinese Yuan. They never told us about the investment return, but we calculated that if the factory runs 24-7 as it should be they will have their investment back in less than 2 years.