60 degree hot air

60 degree hot air

This was an interesting project and one of our
most successful ones as we reduce client’s heat consumption by 74% after our product was installed.

This was a balloon factory making latex balloon. Technique is nearly exact same with latex gloves and condoms. They used to burn coal to  produce hot oil and pipe it to the oven to produce hot air. After the latex is dry they exhaust the moisture directly to the atmosphere.

For environmental reason they had to stop burning coal so they chose to use our product. Unlike a coal boiler which need a heat exchange system to get clean hot air, our product can produce clean hot air directly, so we abandoned the oil system and supply hot air directly to the oven. As they used to burn coal to produce hot oil, the efficiency of the old system is very low. You can always suck most of the energy out if you were using a boiler to produce steam or hot water because the tempe-rature of input water is usually low, so you can have an low exhaust temperature. But when you are producing hot oil with a coal or nature gas boiler, usually the temperature of input oil is very high, so you will have a high exhaust temperature which cost heat energy. So, the efficiency of hot oil boilers are inevitably low except electrical boilers which doesn’t have exhaustion.

We also installed an air to air heat recovery machine to take heat back from the exhaustion.

After all the transform, the heat they need now is only 26% of it used to be. The running cost is equal to burning coal but it is a lot cheaper than using nature gas or peak power.