10 KV project of China Power Investment Corporation

This was the first project what we called “waste wind power for heating” project in China. It was bought by China Power Investment Corporation (now it is reformed as China GuoDian Corpo-ration). They have a wind power plant near a
town in Inner Mongolia and they generated more electricity than we need and around 20% of electricity was wasted, especially in winter when the winds are stronger.

They purchased 5 set of our thermal storage system, 3 sets of 5.76 MW for heating a 200,000 square meters community, 2 sets of 4.32 MW for 100,000 square meters of coach station and government office.

They consume their own wasted electricity and
sell the heat, but the most of investment return comes from the compensation policy of government which allows their wind power plant to run unlimited time.

Today in China we are generating more electricity than we can use so all the power plants, especially wind power plants, are restricted with a limited total running  hour.

The thermal storage system cost around 24 million Chinese Yuan and they got their investment back
in just 2 years.